Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Market!

Hi....thanks for dropping by!

I have being doing a few markets lately....
and last weekend  I attended the 
Buninyong Makers Market.
Being a local girl I love to showcase my wares
to the locals, and  the visitors to our
"ye old ancient village"

There where some other fabulous stall holders there,
and lots of beautifully crafted goodies on offer....

Emma from Pretty in Bows

 Janey & Kipp's new look stall

the lovely ladies from buntyandsars

Kathryn's gorgeous goodies from Our Shabby Cottage

the very talented Earl the musician who kept the kids very entertained!

and with a constant stream of customers 
coming through the door
I came home exhausted and ready 
for a nice cup of coffee!

I really enjoy creating the goodies 
and meeting the customers....
I must admit my perfect market 
would be if someone would come and load the car
and cart all the goodies inside,
then packup and load the car..
that would be great.....
not my most favorite part of doing markets...
but certainly all part of it!

My next market is in 3 weeks time 
and seeing as though all my "hooties" 
were "adopted" at the market 
I will be spending the next few weeks
in the sewing room creating some more...

but I will certainly be making some time
to come blog hopping and check out
whats going on in your world!

and dont forget you can always find me on face book
click ~ here ~ to visit my page...

Happy Quilting

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sugar & Spice Children's Market

Hello and thanks for dropping by....

I have been busy with Markets again... 
and this time I attended the
in Ballarat...

This was the first time that I have attended this market as a stall holder
and we had and absolute ball!..

The market was full of lovely stall holders 
with some absolutely beautiful goodies !
and we had a constant stream of very happy customers.  

Once again "Hootie" was extremely popular 
and was "adopted" by some very happy children
(and adults) alike!

If you are every in Ballarat while this market is on...
it would be worth popping in...
you will not be disappointed!

Anyway back to the sewing room as
I have quite a few more Markets
in the next couple of weeks
and lots of new goodies on the drawing board!

Happy Quilting

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How exciting........

Hi there...thanks for visiting my blog

Just thought that I would quickly share some exciting news with you all....
well its exciting for me anyway !!
I have never been featured on someone elses blog....
so imagine my suprise when I checked 
in on facebook tonight 
and noticed that I have been selected to 
have a feature done on my shoppe
on a local market blog that I am attending 
for the first time 
as a stall holder on 31st July...
I have attached a link if you would like to 
have a quick peek to learn more about me....

and speaking of the market I am way behind on 
making goodies this week...
full time work just seems to get in the way 
so I am heading back into the sewing room.

Happy Sewing

Friday, July 15, 2011

Introducing "Hootie"

Well hello again...thanks for stopping by.....

I would like to  introduce you to the latest creation from my sewing room....


 the heat bag

Last year when my niece and nephew 
moved down from sunny QLD to SA
  they were suffering from the cold....!!!
 I decided to give them a pair of flannelette pjs each....
and I did make comment to my Mum
I should make them a wheat bag each!
The children had never owned one due 
to the climate in QLD 
so I played around with the idea and decided to make flannelette ones to match the PJ' s

But me being me decided that a plain old square one
was just a bit boring 
and decided to make something different....
I toyed with the idea of making a ladybird one...
great for my niece but I didn't think my nephew 
would be fussed with a ladybird 
so I fiddled around a bit more 
and came up with an owl...
good for both girls and boys 
and those young at heart!

I made one up as a trial and the reaction 
from my family was that I should make 
some for the markets that I have been doing 
'cause they are just so darn

 I made 12 up and "Hootie"
debuted at the Buninyong Makers Market in May
and he sold out before lunch.....

 I made 30 for Little Munchkins Market in June 
because its winter here and he is so warm and cuddly...
and once again he was very popular..!

I have a stall at the Sugar & Spice Childrens Market
in a couple of weeks so my sewing room
has turned into "Hootie"ville.....

I am having so much fun making these 
and they are not only popular with the kids...
but I have lots of  requests for adult ones....

So I better get back to the sewing room..
as some more gorgeous flannel has just arrived 
from the US and I can't wait to play with it!!!

 I hope you are managing to stay warm wherever you are!

Happy Quilting

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well I have been a busy little bee since my last blog post..
no excuse for neglecting the blog I know
but I found myself attending a couple of fabulous markets in the Ballarat Area
and I have been busy creating!

Since my last blog update I have attended 
Buninyong Makers Market on May 28th 
and once again had a great day meeting some new 
customers and being visited again
by some lovely repeat buyers.....
I forgot my camera on the day 
so I dont have any photos for show & tell...
but I will remember it next time I promise!!!

I have also attended the Little Munchkins Market
in Ballarat on the 26th June..
this was the first time as a stall holder and we had so much fun!!
I did remember my camera this time and took some photos to share

My Stall

Lil girl Cupcake Handbag display

Baby Quilts & Nappy Bags

 "Hootie" Heat Bags

more "Hooties"...they were VERY popular

and a great time was had by all.......

I have a few posts to catch up on so I will see you soon...

Happy Quilting

Friday, April 22, 2011

.....I'm Back!.....

Hello blogging friends...

Lots has happened over the last 6 months 
and after an extended blogging break due to 
building and moving into a new house...
family stuff and work commitments
I am happy to say that I now have the internet
finally connected and I am back!

I closed all my online stores before the move
and I am just in the process of
restocking and re-opening them

Due to my work commitments I will only be attending
2 different markets this year,

Buninyong Makers Market
Caledonian Market

and of course the Colac Lifestyle show
that I do every year in October...

I am in the process of designing some new stock for both markets so I have also been very busy at the sewing machine...

check out my Events page to see when the next markets are on! and if you are in the area 
I would love to see you!!

 I have missed all my blogging friends 
and I will be blog hopping around to catch up and
see what you have all be up to shortly

Until then.......

Happy Quilting

Thursday, October 28, 2010

OPAM update ~ October

here we are at nearly at the end of another month....
and what a month it has been!

Lots has happened with  the personal "stuff" 
and I have been very busy at the sewing machine 
as I have attended 3 markets this month. 
(hence the large amount of OPAM finishes this month!)

The first one was the annual Colac Lifestyle Expo 
and once again my girlfriend and I had a fabulous weekend away...
although the replaying of the Grandfinal had a lot to do with crowd attendance 
we still had a great day.

Last weekend was the local Buninyong Makers Market....
once again we had a fabulous day
and I met lots of  lovely customers,
and there were heaps of new stallholders...
so if you get a chance and are in the area...
pop in and say "hello" at the next market 
which is the Christmas Market 
on Saturday 4th December...
lots of goodies on offer!

and then I attended the Caledonian Market on Sunday
which is always lots of fun...
the next market will be on Friday 26th November 
which is a twilight market between 5 - 9pm

I have also been invited to attend a new annual market
"Christmas Fest"
on Friday 3rd of December 
(another twilight market)...
but more on that later..

I will be blog hopping soon to catch up on all your news!

til next time
Happy Quilting


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Buninyong Makers Market

I have been lucky enough to be accepted for a new Market in Buninyong...

Being a local girl it is quite exciting to showcase my handmade goodies for the locals and visitors alike.
The Market will be held in the Buninyong Town Hall between 10am and 2pm
 and the dates are

11th September
23rd October
4th December (Christmas Market)

If you are in the vicinity...pop in and say hello...

Needless to say I have been busy sewing,
and organising.  
I was going to show some pictures of my wares
but Blogger wont let me upload photos :( 
so I will have to show you another day)

anyway better get back to the sewing machine....
til next time
Happy Quilting

Monday, August 30, 2010

Long time no post...
time has just been flying along
Since my last post a lot has happened in my life

Firstly to announce the news from my last post I was given the opportunity to teach quilting to beginners at a new Quilt shop that had opened in Ballarat 
so I was going to close down my e-Bay store 
and concentrate on this......
but sadly this has been postponed.....

Which is probably just as well as not long after my last post I was told that the local Cafe I worked in at Buninyong was closing......
I must admit this was a bit of a shock to all the girls 
and not really in my grand plan of things..
but sometimes things happen.... 
We were given 5 weeks notice which have just whizzed by and on the 22nd of August 
"The Vintage Garden and Cupcake Cafe" 
closed for the last time...
the last week has been full of packing and cleaning 
which was completed on Saturday 
so I am now officially unemployed!!  
but I suppose that will now leave me more time for sewing :)

If you follow their blog I am sure that there will be something happening there shortly so keep an eye out...
I am not going to spoil the announcement.

SO as said in my last post 
when one door closes another opens...
Not quite what I was posting about at the time but I am waiting to see what life throws at me now!

til next time
Happy Sewing

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

.....When one door is closing!.....

I have been absent from blogging for a while now.....busy...busy...busy...
with building our new house...
and family "stuff" time just flies!
(and probably spending way too much time on Facebook!!!! LOL).
I have also been a bit slack on the OPAM
and have only half finished a few things
over the last 2 months and not actually completed anything.....
so technically NO finishes for 2 months in a row!.

With events that have happened in my personal life
over the last month or so
I have decided that it is time that I focus on things
that are the most important to ME...
I have to stop worrying about things that I cannot control or change...
and put my energy into my goals
and what I want to achieve in my life...

And then out of the blue an opportunity
has presented itself...
that I am SOOOO excited and nervous about..

I can't disclose much just yet as there are still
lots of details to finalise
There is a change in the wind..
one that would be a dream come true for me!
I have come to believe the saying...
When one door closes another one opens......

and just a quick note to thank all of you ladies that have emailed me.....
I have missed cruising around all the beautiful blogs...
so I will be visiting shortly to catch up on all of your news!

Happy Quilting
~ Glenda ~