Monday, August 30, 2010

Long time no post...
time has just been flying along
Since my last post a lot has happened in my life

Firstly to announce the news from my last post I was given the opportunity to teach quilting to beginners at a new Quilt shop that had opened in Ballarat 
so I was going to close down my e-Bay store 
and concentrate on this......
but sadly this has been postponed.....

Which is probably just as well as not long after my last post I was told that the local Cafe I worked in at Buninyong was closing......
I must admit this was a bit of a shock to all the girls 
and not really in my grand plan of things..
but sometimes things happen.... 
We were given 5 weeks notice which have just whizzed by and on the 22nd of August 
"The Vintage Garden and Cupcake Cafe" 
closed for the last time...
the last week has been full of packing and cleaning 
which was completed on Saturday 
so I am now officially unemployed!!  
but I suppose that will now leave me more time for sewing :)

If you follow their blog I am sure that there will be something happening there shortly so keep an eye out...
I am not going to spoil the announcement.

SO as said in my last post 
when one door closes another opens...
Not quite what I was posting about at the time but I am waiting to see what life throws at me now!

til next time
Happy Sewing

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Delcie Wardrop said...

Dear Glenda, I hope this turn of events works for the good in your life. Sew like crazy and dazzle all at the makers market on Sept 11. Use this as a window of opportunity while waiting for the new door to open, Delcie