Friday, July 15, 2011

Introducing "Hootie"

Well hello again...thanks for stopping by.....

I would like to  introduce you to the latest creation from my sewing room....


 the heat bag

Last year when my niece and nephew 
moved down from sunny QLD to SA
  they were suffering from the cold....!!!
 I decided to give them a pair of flannelette pjs each....
and I did make comment to my Mum
I should make them a wheat bag each!
The children had never owned one due 
to the climate in QLD 
so I played around with the idea and decided to make flannelette ones to match the PJ' s

But me being me decided that a plain old square one
was just a bit boring 
and decided to make something different....
I toyed with the idea of making a ladybird one...
great for my niece but I didn't think my nephew 
would be fussed with a ladybird 
so I fiddled around a bit more 
and came up with an owl...
good for both girls and boys 
and those young at heart!

I made one up as a trial and the reaction 
from my family was that I should make 
some for the markets that I have been doing 
'cause they are just so darn

 I made 12 up and "Hootie"
debuted at the Buninyong Makers Market in May
and he sold out before lunch.....

 I made 30 for Little Munchkins Market in June 
because its winter here and he is so warm and cuddly...
and once again he was very popular..!

I have a stall at the Sugar & Spice Childrens Market
in a couple of weeks so my sewing room
has turned into "Hootie"ville.....

I am having so much fun making these 
and they are not only popular with the kids...
but I have lots of  requests for adult ones....

So I better get back to the sewing room..
as some more gorgeous flannel has just arrived 
from the US and I can't wait to play with it!!!

 I hope you are managing to stay warm wherever you are!

Happy Quilting

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