Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Market!

Hi....thanks for dropping by!

I have being doing a few markets lately....
and last weekend  I attended the 
Buninyong Makers Market.
Being a local girl I love to showcase my wares
to the locals, and  the visitors to our
"ye old ancient village"

There where some other fabulous stall holders there,
and lots of beautifully crafted goodies on offer....

Emma from Pretty in Bows

 Janey & Kipp's new look stall

the lovely ladies from buntyandsars

Kathryn's gorgeous goodies from Our Shabby Cottage

the very talented Earl the musician who kept the kids very entertained!

and with a constant stream of customers 
coming through the door
I came home exhausted and ready 
for a nice cup of coffee!

I really enjoy creating the goodies 
and meeting the customers....
I must admit my perfect market 
would be if someone would come and load the car
and cart all the goodies inside,
then packup and load the car..
that would be great.....
not my most favorite part of doing markets...
but certainly all part of it!

My next market is in 3 weeks time 
and seeing as though all my "hooties" 
were "adopted" at the market 
I will be spending the next few weeks
in the sewing room creating some more...

but I will certainly be making some time
to come blog hopping and check out
whats going on in your world!

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Happy Quilting

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